ODISSeA – Postgraduate Programme instructional design – November 2nd 2019

The Postgraduate Programme in Organ Donation (PPOD) instructional design has been initiated based on the curriculum approved by all the Consortium partners and validated by potential PPOD participants, to boost learner empowerment during the preparation phase. Learn more.

The curriculum considers the latest trends in medical education and adult-learning. The PPOD employs an innovative multilevel blended approach, introducing the topics progressively, from awareness to high levels. The PPOD also considers national and regional healthcare systems in each SeA country; the organ donation and transplantation system in the country; local legislation, policies, recommendations and regulations with reference to organ donation as well as ethical, cultural and religious aspects impacting organ donation.

During the instructional design phase, the project teams, educational specialists and local trainers have developed all the PPOD activities, contents and resources. Moreover, a learner-centred virtual environment has been created for all the PPOD components. Efficient communication and workflows have been developed, together with guidelines and specific requirements.

The PPOD starts in January 2020 and will correspond to 750 study hours (or 30 ECTS).

Postgraduate Programme in Organ Donation Preparation conference with project team, educational specialists and trainers