Train the Trainers Face-to-face course. Davao, Philippines. October 8th-11th, 2019. Barcelona, Spain. October 21st- 25th, 2019

The ODISSeA Train the Trainers Face-to-face course for the faculty from Thailand has taken place during the month of October in Davao (Philippines) and Barcelona (Spain).

The “Train the Trainers” is a blended training program, including an online and a face-to-face course from September 2nd to December 22nd. The aim of this phase is to prepare the 10 professionals from Thailand  who will be responsible for implementing the Postgraduate Program in their institutions. This “Train the Trainers” edition for the faculty from Thailand is organized following the previous “Train the Trainers” face-to-face course that took place in May for the faculty from Malaysia, Myanmar and Philippines. A total of 40 faculty from the 8 Southeast Asian universities partner in the project will have been trained before the end of the year.

The face-to-face course for Thai faculty has taken place in Davao, together with the Intermediate Training Course in Transplant Procurement Management, and also in Barcelona, together with the Advanced International Training Course in Transplant Procurement Management. During the duration of the course, the participants were able to improve their knowledge on organ donation, by reinforcing their experience and contents acquired in the online course, as well as to learn how to transfer this knowledge as trainers. Upon their return, they will become the faculty to a total of 280 students that will enroll the Postgraduate Programme in the next few months.

The Postgraduate Program in Organ Donation will start in January 2020. Upon its completion, in September 2020, 35 participants from each SeA university become healthcare professionals trained in the organ donation process, with knowledge, skills and competences that they will be able to apply in their daily activities.